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Our Stones vary from Natural to Lab-Created to Amorphous Simulated Diamonds

What is the different between a Natural & Lab-Created Diamond?

The only difference between Natural and lab created diamonds is that fact that lab created diamonds were not created naturally.

A lab created diamond is one that is the same as a natural diamond in every way and passes the diamond test just like a natural diamond.

Any stone that is sold as lab created diamond and does not pass the diamond test is simply not a lab created diamond.

What Are Amorphous Simulated Diamonds?

Through the use of ADT (amorphous diamond technology) technology man-made simulated diamond crystals are infused into simulated crystals to create a diamond top that is made of pure carbon SP3 bonds. This adds a thick layer of organized lattice on the surface of these stones and allows them to convey a look and feel that approximates authentic diamonds. The upper layer of carbon lends a sparkle to these stones that makes them stand out among the other stones. 

Are Amorphous Simulated Diamonds the Same as Natural or lab created Diamonds? 

No, although they look very similar and have a layer of carbon, they are not Natural Diamond and do not pass Diamond test.


  • According to Kimberley Process’s definition, a “conflict free” diamond is a diamond that does not finance civil wars. This means even certified diamonds are not necessarily free of human right abuses. Laboratory-created diamonds are completely and 100% beyond conflict free.
  • Our stones are created as a result of fair laboratory practices in environmentally responsible conditions.
  • These stones are incredibly tough and durable. In fact, we believe in the quality of our stones so much that we offer LIFETIME WARRANTIES on them.
  • It also doesn’t hurt that our products have all the luster and brilliance of perfect natural stones at a fraction of the price.

Diamond is one of the world’s most popular gemstones. Its dazzling appearance and universal appeal have inspired a wide variety of less-expensive look-alike materials. Some of them come from the ground, and other from the lab.

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